Monday, 5 April 2010

Politics is broken and you know it

It must be an election year. The amount of political smear I need to rub off my TV every morning is getting worse, the usual parade of fraud, gay-bashing and death taxes has already entered the increasingly comical world political discourse. Only this morning I saw internet chatter of people legitimately talking about whether a B&B owner should be allowed to exclude gays. Fuck. Is this what political discourse is these days?

I’ve debated long enough to know when something is and isn’t a debate. If this had been a white supremacist excluding a black man, or a Muslim refusing to serve a woman because she is not wearing a Burka or a Mormon refusing anyone who didn’t believe that there were city states in North America 50 years after Christ’s death, there would be no debate here. We would say “Wow your ignorance is so staggeringly bad it’s a real sad state of affairs that we need to make laws for people like you.” We would move on. Discussion over.

But Grayling is a senior conservative. It’s a recession. People are quite anti-government. The usual questions were asked. By all means let the politicians score points against each other but don’t give them credit for it. Don’t let them make morons of us all.

I despise big state politics. Big states waste money, big states are lumbering and inflexible in the fast paced world of Global economics, big states always limit freedoms, big states are bureaucratic and inefficient, big states are impenetrable when people need them, big states control and manipulate information. Big states deprive people of money, freedom and any political empowerment whatsoever.

Do we live in a ‘big state?’

Those little sparks of electricity rushing through your brain just now is questioning and appreciating the political landscape of Britain. Maybe when we starting talking about what politicians think instead of the stupid things they do maybe the media would take us seriously for a change.

Leave the pathetic attempts at character assassination to the pages of heat magazine.

I want politics please.